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What is lead generation, and what are its types?

B2B lead generation is one of the most effective and successful ways to generate customers for your businesses and help grow your sales and market value. Various businesses use lead generation and incorporate it in their campaigns to scale their companies and improve the customer base. Lead generation is one of the essential services to develop a consistent supply of prospective customers through sales appointments and similar marketing strategies.

For your company to depict steady growth, B2B lead generation is essential; here, you get in touch with other businesses interested in your products. Closing leads with such businesses provide a more significant boost to your sales and company in general. Outsourcing such services give you many benefits and a competitive edge when it comes to business conduct.

Here is everything you need to know to set up an effective lead generation service and a detailed guide on various B2B lead generation.

What is Lead Generation?

Lead generation is the process of generating prospective customers and turning them into buyers through various marketing strategies. A lead is a customer with whom your sales team can close a deal, and lead generation is an essential service targeted to help your company reach its sales goals. The process of conversion of leads into customers is a tedious one, involving various aspects such as :

  • Getting in contact with multiple prospective businesses interested in your products and continuously expanding your reach through means like cold calling requires an experienced sales team with considerable negotiation skills.
  • Strengthen your bond with such prospective leads, constantly nurturing the relationship to close the deal securely.
  • Extensive marketing, including good advertisements and widespread reach.
  • Use various means to increase your popularity, including social media, content creation, and setting up a website to depict professionalism and authenticity of service.

Since there is enormous competition in sales, it is essential to use lead generation to develop a more extensive customer base and make a better track record. Focusing on B2B lead generation helps you fulfill your sales goals and has a profound effect in helping your business reach a more extensive clientele and get access to more resources. B2B lead generation requires you to generate sales and prospective leads through an outsourced team of experts whose only job is to provide you with numerous leads to help your business consistently.

Outsourced lead generation is popular since it allows your business to have a dedicated team focused on lead generation. In contrast, your business can focus on its workflow, saving you valuable time and effort, and capital because outsourced services are much cheaper than in-house.

This is so effective because it reduces the burden from your sales team and allows them to spend their time only on prospective leads where there is an opportunity of closing the deal instead of getting their time wasted in cold calling and on dead leads. This is a win-win for both your business and the service since your sales team not only generates more excellent sales but also saves time and money while the Outsourced service does its intended job for your company.

Types of Lead Generation

There are various aspects of lead generation since it is a profound field where one has to do extensive research before finding the ideal fit for their business. Lead generation helps a business thrive since a business’s life is closely linked to sales, and to generate sales, it is crucial to have good leads.

Here are some of the types of Lead generation available :

●    Appointment setting

Appointment setting lead generation focuses on helping your business contact various businesses, which are then turned into prospective leads, and enables you to scale your business. In addition, they revolutionize your company’s sales and improve the quality of your staff and sales pitch.

●    Rapid Inbound Lead responses

This service focuses mainly on a rapid response to prospective leads in the sales market, and it is mandatory to follow up with your leads at the earliest. Delaying your response would only result in loss of leads; thus, this service is focused on cold calling and then following up to prospective leads at the earliest, then passing them to your sales team to close the deal.

●    Hyper-Targeted Lead List

Saving your company tons of resources and capital, the hyper-targeted lead list provides your business with beneficial technology and services, allowing you better to analyze your customers, clients, and sales. In addition, it helps with lead generation and improves the quality of your business through its methods.


Lead generation is a process by which an organization acquires leads to generate future business. It can be done through different channels and tactics, such as phone calls or email campaigns. Of course, the type of lead generated will depend on what channel you use to develop it.

Here at Thylead, we help companies find the perfect balance between these two methods and offer other options like appointment service settings guaranteed to get results! If you want more information about how our team can create a custom solution just for your company, reach us today at or visit

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