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With better data and outbound expertise, we source, engage, and schedule qualified meetings with your ideal customers most likely to convert into revenue.


Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How do you ensure the quality of the appointments and leads generated?

A: To ensure that the leads and appointments we produce are pertinent and of the highest caliber, we employ a range of data sources and targeting strategies. Additionally, we have a stringent screening procedure to weed out prospects that are not likely to convert. Finally, we use input from your sales team members to improve our methodology continuously.

Q: How do you manage denials and objections when setting up appointments?

A: During the appointment-setting process, our sales representatives are trained in resolving objections and are adept at handling a variety of objections and rejections. We collaborate closely with your sales staff to create scripts and methods for handling objections that are unique to your company and target market.

Q: Do I need a marketing team on staff?

A: Not really. We can serve as your turnkey team of marketing professionals. There is no requirement for a protracted hiring procedure, training, or numerous employees.

We are a visionary team of 25 members and have offices in Banlogore and Jaipur.

Q: What are the prices for your services?

A: Our packages vary depending on the stage and scalability of your business. Additionally, we employ Pay Per Appointment model which helps our clients to truly achieve their numberic goals.

Please feel free to schedule a conversation so that we can discuss what would work best for your business. Our team of skilled experts will tailor a solution that aligns with your specific needs and budget. We understand that every business is unique, and we believe in providing personalized services to maximize your success.

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Q: How quickly can I anticipate seeing results?

A: We aim to put at least one short-term strategy into action and work to get a few quick wins within the first month.

Q: Are there any performance guarantees offered by you?

A: At Thyleads, we back up the customer service and sales activity deliverables we provide. However, we don’t offer performance guarantees for the results of outbound sales efforts with regard to sales appointments. This is primarily due to the fact that in B2B sales, there are too many variables that can be at play.

Each of our service deliverables is directed and approved by our clients, which greatly impacts how a campaign works out. As a result, we offer various types of contracts, from one to six months long, giving our clients flexibility if we are not meeting our sales goals and providing assurance that every penny is worth that.

Q:How does Thyleads qualify a lead for my business for appointment setting?

A: At Thyleads, when it comes to qualifying leads or determining what constitutes a qualified appointment, we have a systematic approach.

Firstly, we collaborate closely with your team to ensure your complete satisfaction with our work. This includes obtaining their approval for all the tasks we undertake. In the case of scheduling appointments, we collaborate to determine the initial market categories we will focus on and to define precise specifications for the ideal client profile.

To ensure accuracy and efficacy, our devoted research team diligently contacts decision-makers within the target accounts. The contact information of these potential prospects is then checked and improved. Once this valuable data is compiled, we present it to you for careful review and approval.

As soon as it has been accepted, the data is made active for each market segment’s specific outbound marketing. We classify an appointment as qualified when a potential customer consents to participate in a sales call. Unqualified meetings, on the other hand, offer useful feedback on any potential weaknesses in the strategy and research phases and show that segmentation may not have been properly addressed.

We work diligently to supply our clients with high-quality leads and ensure that qualified appointments closely match their chosen target demographic by adhering to this methodical approach.

Q: What specific results can I expect from your services, and how do you measure and report on success?

A: We aim to produce appointments and high-quality leads with a high conversion rate. Our services are made to provide your sales staff with a steady stream of new leads and appointments, allowing them to concentrate on completing deals rather than spending time and energy looking for prospects.

We measure and report on success using a variety of metrics, including the number of qualified leads generated, the conversion rate from leads to appointments, and the overall return on investment (ROI) of our services. We also track KPIs such as call-to-appointment ratio, appointment-to-deal ratio, and revenue generated per appointment.

Our reporting is made to be clear and thorough so that you can understand the outcomes we have accomplished and the steps we took to get there. We deliver regular reports that highlight important metrics, outline our accomplishments, and offer details on our continuing optimization activities.