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B2B Appointment Setting

Sales Qualified Appointment

Generating B2B Appointments Was Never Easy Unless It's Thyleads.

Devising one-of-a-kind sales approaches aimed at securing highly convert-able B2B appointments. Meticulously curating outreach plans that involve multiple touchpoints to ensure maximum impact – Packed Pipelines With Quality!

Not the tsunami of unqualified leads. We target for SQLs.

No. Of Qualified Leads ∝ More Revenue.

There is a huge difference between sales-qualified appointments and marketing-qualified ones. We aim for high buying intent and ditch those that are merely exploring options or lacking the budget.

Our Process

What We Do

Grow your pipeline using pinpoint research, Cold Calling | Email | Linkedin Social Selling | Web prospecting.

Hand over pre-qualified leads with specific date and time appointments for you to close more sales.

Taking care of no-show management and rescheduling.

Give our client exclusive expert assistance at a fraction of the in-house team.


Revenue Focused Team

0 %
90% of clients witnessed success within first week
0 %
23% final
closure rate
0 %
80% leads have
high buying Intent
0 %
Clients extend their contracts - 95%

Channel Optimization

Channels Leveraged


The best way to speed up your sales pipeline is through email. Thyleads controls a strong email deliverability system, customizes each email to your segmented audience group, and analyses multiple levels of engagement metrics to elevate conversion rates.

Cold Calling

Our sales development representatives are specifically hired and trained to become proficient cold callers. Using call-optimized phone data, we achieve excellent conversation metrics and an average connect rate of X%.

LinkedIn Prospecting

To increase revenue streams by growing your network and relationships, we incorporate LinkedIn into prospecting efforts. You can create connections that eventually lead to bigger prospects by being proactive and organically cultivating connections with decision-makers at your target accounts.

Web Prospecting Via Chat Support

Chat-based lead generation includes interacting with website visitors using the chat interface to find potential leads or prospects for the business — further, it entails employing the chat box as a tool to start discussions, acquire data, and screen potential clients. But we don’t stop there, we place chatbot technologies to keep the whole process running and converting maximum appointment opportunities 24/7/365.

Video Prospecting

We are persuaded to make your emails more memorable with engaging and personalised videos — that impress your qualified leads more than the average emails your competitors send them. We share demos, proposal walkthroughs, and customer stories that fasten your client’s buying decision.

SMS, Gifts & Direct Mail

Schedule more meetings with having to exert less outbound efforts. We combine cross-platform interactions with a giving strategy. With the help of our SMS marketing services, we reach directly on your prospect’s mobile, segment them, send personalised messages, curate hand-crafted databases and filter those with high intent to convert.

We also monitor the response rate and rapport with stakeholders through personalized gifting and door-opening campaigns. Keep track of the number of appointments set, conversions, and overall engagement. Analyze the data to identify trends and refine the approach for future campaigns.

Sales Funnel Boosting

Our appointment-setting campaigns are fully optimized for each and every prospect. By customizing our outreach efforts, we achieve optimal engagement rates, response, connection, attendance, and, ultimately, successful deal closures.

Filtered Prospects Ready For You

We make the initial calls to prospects for their interest screening and only then transfer them to you.

Predictive Analytics And Measurable Insights

Instantaneous monitoring of metrics | Actionable Engagement Insights | Custom Performance Reporting

Activity metrics for outbound sales equal vanity figures. That’s why we assess each stage of the prospecting funnel to precisely gauge the return on investment and monitor the effect outbound has on overall revenue.

Lead Nurturing

Instantaneous monitoring of metrics | Actionable Engagement Insights | Custom Performance Reporting

As prospects go through your sales pipeline, we offer them relevant, helpful information throughout the lead nurturing phase. Each prospect is nurtured and kept in touch with by our team until they are prepared to discuss your product or services.

Companies achieved
revenue-centric results with Thyleads.

Assembling The Elite Team For You

Building the ideal appointment setting and sales team can be time-consuming and deadly if you make poor personnel decisions. Our pool of qualified professionals is deep.


We build momentum quickly. Our SDRs and other expert roles will become proficient with the specifics of your company's operations in days rather than months.


To free you up to concentrate on running the business, your Thyleads team will handle all aspects of day-to-day SDR operations.


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